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Never ask, WHY Do YOU LOVE ME? =)

Posted on: 30 يناير 2009


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We All Need For Love
نـخـدمـك يـاللي تـوزن الـعـقــل والــروح


Woman:  Why do you love me? What exact reasons that make you love me???


Man: I can’t give you reasons, but I truly love you.


Woman: you even can’t give me a reason?! Then how come you do really love me without a reason???!!


Man: Believe me, I don’t know babe… But I’m madly in love with you.


Woman: NO, this is so unacceptable, unrealistic, & unbelievable!! My friend’s husband always tells her why he loves her. Why can’t you? =(


Man: Ok, fine. I love you so much because you are beautiful, your voice is breathtaking, you take care of me and love me, you have a magical smile, and I love you for your every movement and every step you walk!




Too bad after couple days passed by, the woman had an awful accident, and the woman suffered a lot of bad injuries. There were cuts all over her face, and many broken bones.


As the man came to visit her while asleep, her left her a small note that says:


+ Hunny, for your breathtaking voice I loved you, but can you talk now?

No, so I can’t love you!


+ Babe, because you take care of me and love me, I loved you. But can you now show me those feelings?

No, so I can’t love you!


+ Sweetie, for your magical smile, and every movement and step u walk, I love you.But can you smile now? Can you move or walk?

No, so I can’t love you!


My dearest, if love ever needed reasons, then am sorry to tell you’ve just lost all the reasons that makes me love you!!


Then do you still think there should be reasons to love you?

No, and NEVER!!


Therefore I still love you, and I will always do as long as I live.





We’ve thought so many times for reasons to be loved or to love others… But after reading this I realized that there shouldn’t always be reasons to love someone.


Love is hidden treasure deep inside, if it didn’t exist, we would’ve created, and invented it!


To those who keep asking WHY, I’ll simply say:

Enjoying Loving without Reasons” ^_^




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