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Colonel Ghaddafi in Italy

Posted on: 1 يوليو 2009

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Libyan Leader Colonel Muammar Ghaddafi greeted by Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi

Italy is Libya’s former colonial ruler and now most important trading partner

Colonel Ghaddafi arrived in Rome wearing full military regalia with a black & white photo pinned to his jacket

The photo is of Omar Al-Mukhtar (in chains), a legend of the Libyan resistance against Italian occupation.

Al-Mukhtar was captured & hanged in front of his followers by the Italians in 1931

Colonel Ghaddafi was accompanied by his all-female, 40-strong bodyguard squad

During his 4 day visit, Colonel Ghaddafi’s tent is set up in the garden of the villa in Rome where he is staying.

Libya is now Italy’s biggest trading partner.

Colonel Ghaddafi came with a delegation of Libyan businessmen keen to increase their investment in Italian industry






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