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اختراع اليابان???

Posted on: 23 فبراير 2010

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اذا انت ف السياره  

وجتك بوله الله يكرمكم لا ترتبك  وتزعل

خلك طبيعي



كفاية اختراعات يا اليابان,,,,


is full of stupid inventions from Japan, China and other Asian
countries. Here is one more hilarious invention – "Toilet seat" by
China. Invented for those who have to spend more time in traffic jams.
I think, this if used would be embarassing for others accompanying you
in the car. Also, would smell a lot …lolz.

Other news is
"Beyonce is sued for smelling. Smelling good! Beyonce had a lawsuit
slapped against her by retail giant Abercrombie & Fitch over some
perfume copyrights."

So just in case if you plan to install
such toilet seats in your car, inform your lawyers too! Check out 11
more pics after the jump.











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Pin: 216B2A55

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